The number of fans who attend the event determines the success of a band concert. How do you get to have a packed hall for the concert? As an event organizer, your marketing skills will give you a niche to achieve this dream. There are many marketing strategies you can use to advertise the concert. Before you decide on which marketing tools to use, do a market research about your audience to determine their needs for you to choose the best option(Check this 2 product reviews compared). Using one marketing solution is not good enough, incorporate as many marketing solutions as possible to increase the social presence and to curb the diverse target audience.

Some of the old marketing tools include print media; newspapers, magazines, and newsletters; audio media radio advertisement; word of mouth and referrals. With time, they have become invaluable and replaced with modern marketing techniques, which include social media; Facebook, LinkedIn etc. marketing automation software; internet marketing and online referrals.

Let us be specific and look at the power of marketing automation to market the upcoming band concert. Marketing automation software is a comprehensive online toolkit that builds strong relationships between your business and the customer. In addition, they have value added functions that promote passive marketing for the sake of business growth. Let us look at specific features in a marketing automation tools relevant for a band concert

 Email marketing

As part of Customer Relationship Management tools, Emails acts as the foundation for all communications. The advantage of this is that you are able to disseminate the information about the concert to your friends, relatives and social media platforms for further marketing. The Email marketing function on the software allows you to monitor all actions taken by your subscribers and categorize them for future reminders and notification. A unique feature is the Auto-responders inbuilt on the tool, which makes a customer feels valued and appreciated by a simple email alert.

 Lead generation

Your website is the first landing point, the moment one needs more information about the band. The marketing automation tool allows capturing of Email addresses and classifying them according to the page a client reads for future communication like the upcoming band concert.

 Social media integration

Some marketing automation tools are integrated with various social media platforms such that any Email campaign about the concert can be shared on their walls and groups increasing social presence and a good way to market the concert. Naturally, people love to attend functions where their friends show interest. In addition, some people are influential in the society such that the simple share of the event attract a varied audience beyond your expectation.


There are many functions of a marketing software for a band concert, like Email campaigns, lead nurturing, landing pages, online courses which have a positive impact on the concert and business arena as a whole. The main advantage of marketing automation software is integrated and compressed functions in one toolkit making management of the concert simple and flexible. Furthermore, the toolset stores the Email contacts in a database for future communication of other concerts through Email campaigns.