Billiards have come far from being just a game that’s offered in local watering holes and hotel lobbies –it’s long since gained superstar status since then! Also known in American culture as ?pool’, this intense game of skill, experience and a little bit of basic physics is not to be taken lightly.

The pool might be tricky, but it’s not without glamorization. From Vegas casinos to 5 star-rated apps, international tournaments and the like; billiards just might the mark of luxe gaming. There is a pattern, however, in the demographic that seem to enjoy billiards the most. Why rock stars of course! You’ve seen the pictures. It looks like every behind-the-scenes photo shoot features a bunch of rock star members hunched over a billiard table, taking Instagram pictures of smiling faces with pool cue sticks. So why do rock bands love billiards?

1. Rock Hard Lifestyle – There’s no doubt about it. Rock and roll leave a trail of broken hearts, empty bottles and cigarette smoke in their path. This ties straight into the lifestyle that is customarily surrounded with billiards. Playing billiards comes almost hand in hand with a group of bikers around the table, laughing loudly and taking turns stomping on their ciggies. Jazz a round of billiards with a drinking game, and you’ve got (not-so) clean fun all around!

2. Hand-Eye Coordination – Ever noticed the background drummer in a rock band? Any good half group almost always has a drummer with practically magical motor skills. This goes for electric guitarists too! Playing a decent game of pool requires less brawn and more brain –which is just another reason that billiards is such an exciting game. Billiards takes a degree of concentration and foresight, which is why the intelligent man will always win compared to the show-off. Since rock members are usually filled with an intense curiosity and spunk, it’s no wonder billiards appeal to their side.

3. Intense competition – There’s nothing like the uproar of cheers when you land your final ball in the pocket. Most rock band members live for the moment, for the fans and most of all; the reactions. Nothing entirely comes close to them than feeling alive at the moment. When they’re intensely poised over the table, angling for a shot and that adrenaline rush when they finally make the ball. Perhaps the same rush of endorphins given out during a …rock concert?

Why not invest in your pool cue stick? You may not have a personal billiard board at home –but you can always bring your latest treasure to a nearby clubhouse or on vacation whenever visiting a hotel! There are options from wherever you’re going, but getting your very own stick ensures quality and for expert performance. Amazon, for example, has a various price range of pool cue stick from professional materials ranging anywhere from $23.99 to $64.99 for really hot ones.

They might love it more than any other demographic in the world –but rock stars aren’t just the only people fit to play billiards well! With sufficient practice and enough friendly tournaments, you can hone your newfound passion for this enjoyable game. However, billiards isn’t something that’s solely to remain as a stress-busting game. If anything, it requires a whole lot of focus and cognitive superpowers –so polish your rockstar billiards skills with seriousness.