Ping Pong is a popular sport from the early 90s. In the recent championships held in Rio, Brazil in 2016. Sports analysts noted that the final game had the highest number of spectators compared to all other championships. This is a clear indication of massive popularity in the recent past. Renowned Table Tennis players have a soft spot for music. Scientists are yet to give us a clear explanation for this. Every individual has a talent, the only challenge is an opportunity to realize and explore it to professional levels. Band members after a tiresome day behind musical instruments need a physical exercise that also works on their brain to enhance their logic to drive their music career; ping pong is the best option and top choice for outdoor table.


Why should band members play Ping Pong?


Music for band members is a creative art driven by skills, talent, and intelligence. At one point, however intelligent they may be they may run short of ideas and the voice of reasoning take center stage. At this point, they need a stable mental state to ensure logic runs their decision- making process. Band members have produced numerous songs and they are thinking they need something different. Alternatively, they have feedback from fans and there is demand for a new song within a specific genre and similar to an old song. They need proper mental concentration and a team spirit to give their fans what they need. Ping Pong comes in handy for this situation. Butterfly Balsa Carbo Proline Racket is a good table tennis racket for you. How is this possible? Playing Ping Pong broadens their mind to think fast, learn their opponent and act for the sake of a win. The long-term effect is enhanced mental thinking and cognitive development to learn their audience and produce music according to their taste.


We cannot overlook the physical aspect of the game. Ping Pong is a game that you have to play when you are physically fit, with agility, vigor and proper muscle strength and endurance. When band members have been at the comfort of the studios, they need to stretch and develop their physique. As a team, they can play ping pong to enhance their team spirit, check this . When they win or lose against one another, they develop a strong personality to accept strengths and weaknesses for the sake of team building. Ping Pong is a team building activity for the band members.

Playing ping pong allows you to have proper coordination and balance. For band members that virtue is vital to allow them to sustain a hectic lifestyle associated with music without fatigue. Have you heard of a popular band but all of a sudden, they fall out for no proper reason? Two things are possible in this scenario, they did not invest in team building strategies or they did not allow their bodies to balance between music, family and social life. Ping Pong comes in handy to fill this gap.


The creativity and enhanced mental alertness associated with Table tennis are good for band members to ensure they enhance the team spirit and produce new songs for their music career growth.